My Personal Discovery of Iron Overload and Copper Deficiency

About two years ago I was experiencing severe thigh and hip pain.  Being fairly fit I couldn’t understand what was happening.  It worried me a lot, but not liking doctors too much I just suffered with it (greatly).

Then one day someone I had “friended” on Facebook, messaged me a link to his blog.  He didn’t say anything, just sent the link.  I thought, “What is this?”, and decided to explore it.  It was in that blog that I found a link titled “Poisoning of Mankind Copper Deficiency”.

Iron is NOT a nutrient, it is a poison. Iron retention is 95-100% when copper depleted/deficient. Iron replaces copper in the blood and tissue proteins, accumulating in multiple locations of the body, causing destruction, accelerating aging & death. All symptoms, disease & conditions are indications of iron poisoning & bio-available copper deficiency in the iron poisoned population. Symptoms, disease and conditions correlate to the locations of greater proportions of iron deposits (internal bleeding) and the effect on organs: CANCER,   DEMENTIA,   HEART/CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE,   DIABETES,   LUNG DISEASE (C.O.P.D.),   GASTRO-INTESTINAL DISEASE,   BLOOD DISORDERS, EYE DISEASE; to mention a few of the major problem areas. Bio-available copper must be replenished to mobilize iron out of the body and repair the DNA damage, restoring health and longevity.

Well, I’ll tell you what, I had never read anything like it.  It grabbed me at a gut level; I KNEW there was something to the copper deficiency theory.  However, it had a lot of religious stuff mixed with medical information, and as a recovering Catholic, I wasn’t so sure about the Biblical references. But, it was the iron overload and copper deficiency, and death rate that grabbed me big time.

My logic told me there must be a reason for the high death rates; something nefarious was going on.  I already knew about chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs, iron overload, Big Pharma, vaccines, etc.  This just added to my list of diabolical crimes committed by the Illuminati (The Powers that Be).

I’ve known for some time that people are dying younger, contrary to what the media tells us.  It is especially true with the White race.  The White race now only represents approximately 60% of the US population.  In order to fill in the gap The Powers that Be are bringing in minorities from Third World countries, hoping we won’t notice the dwindling White race.  Because, believe me, you WOULD notice.  You can especially see it when you drive by schools as they are letting out.  In my city, it’s a sea of darker skinned people, with a sprinkling of white skinned people.  It’s almost like, “What country do I live in”.  And it’s more true in certain parts of the Country.  This is not to be derogatory against dark skinned people, but to express a Truth.

It’s a scientific fact that iron is a heavy metal; it’s also an essential mineral, but we are being drowned in iron (overloaded), through processed foods and Genetically Modified (GMO), fruits and vegetables which contain high levels of iron.  That is the purpose of GMO food.  Without circulating in the blood and through the bone marrow, the iron settles in the organs (including the brain), and oxidizes (rusts).  This causes failing organs, sickness, and death.  It also attracts parasites better known as viruses via vaccinations.  At the same time, the AMA, FDA, and Big Pharma demonize copper.  You will not find it listed on processed food labels, or in multi-vitamins.  The only place you will find it, which is very telling, is in pet food.  WHY?  Because they know that it is an essential mineral for ALL animals, and that pets already have a short lifespan; they must have copper in their diet.

Copper Supplement

So listening to my gut instincts, I then decided to start taking the copper supplement.  My husband as well.  It was amazing that within just a few short days, the pain was subsiding!  Also, I noticed I was more alert.  My husband who has coronary issues (clogged arteries), that caused his feet to feel like they were freezing all the time started noticing that his feet were warming up!  Also, he was waking up earlier in the morning, ready to get his coffee and paper.

Copper Mugs

I then discovered the importance of drinking from copper mugs.  So I purchased 100% (unlined), copper mugs from Moscow Mule.  I then found an old copper tankard I had.  Through more research I found that you have to fill the copper vessels at least eight hours before drinking from them.

How to Take Copper Supplements

More research led me to what must be taken in conjunction with the copper which is Zinc.  There is a 7:1 or 10:1 zinc copper ratio (lack of consensus), and both must be taken at different times of the day, because zinc is an antagonist to copper, but they are both necessary.   Also, you don’t want to take Vitamin C at the same time as copper, nor more than 1000 mg of it.

I’m including a link to Mad Cow Disease which is caused by a lack of copper in conjunction with an organophosphate application called Phosmet that contains Manganese. Please see “Soy, Soy, Soy” for more information on Soy and Manganese.

Finally, PLEASE do read “Poisoning of Mankind Copper Deficiency” , for an in-depth education on Iron Overload and Copper Deficiency; it could save your life, and the lives of your loved one.




Men are Becoming more Feminine

It’s sad, but true, men are becoming more feminine.  I’ve noticed for a few years now, how men today look more like boys; they don’t mature or age the same as they once did.  Sadly, many are even more female than male (too many).  If you watch older movies like from the 60’s and earlier, you will see just what I mean.  Consider James Garner who was born in 1928, and compare him in a 60s movie at age 35 to a man today at 35.  Or look at Clark Gable as a young man.  No comparison.  With few exceptions, men today are a shadow of their former strong, muscular selves, and with a different mindset.

Men had a different status in the home and society as well, before the 70s.  They represented strength and protection.  They were the head of the home; the protector of the family.  They could fix anything from a car to a washing machine, and everything in between.  You could always depend on dad.  And when you did something wrong, he knew it, and took action.

On the weekends fathers were all out mowing lawns, barbecuing in the back yard, throwing horseshoes.  They hunted, fished, hiked, got involved in Boy Scouts.  They were the foundation of the family; the strength.  They were as Nature created them to be.

Today, a lot of men would rather play video games, or watch movies.  For many, their yards and homes take a backseat to a fancy car, truck, or sports.  And sadly enough, their wives dominate them because as the men have been feminized, women have been defeminized.  Everything is backwards now.

There’s a reason for all this.  That reason is social and biological engineering by diabolical geneticists.  The Agenda has been, for decades, to destroy the male (which destroys the family).  It started with the post WWII generation; the Baby Boomers.  But the Baby Boomer males were not as damaged as their sons and grandsons are today.

How is it being done?  By chemicals in the baby formula, food, water, and vaccines.  Soy is  a particularly potent gender bending weapon because it is a phytoestrogen, and because it contains manganese.  Together they break the blood/brain barrier, and destroy the dopamine receptors; bending gender.

It’s taken decades to reduce men to a mere shadow of their former selves.  Most don’t even know it; others are aware, especially when they loose their sex drive and develop erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence. They then have their testosterone checked and find they are deficient, and are higher in estrogen. That’s why Big Pharma came out in the 90s with Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra; you couldn’t get away from the disgusting TV commercials.   How many wondered what that was all about all of a sudden?

Why has this crime been committed?  Because there cannot be any strong families.  The only allowable strength is within the State; Big Brother, the Pope.  In addition, if men are no longer men, there are less babies (genocide).  Everyone now turns to the State for protection and guidance.

It’s all very diabolical, and a crime against humanity.  The male has taken a beating by wars as well, by killing so many young boys and men before they even had a chance to live as men, marry and have a family.  Think how many of the best and the brightest have been sacrificed to the State (a blood sacrifice).  That’s one of the reasons for war, i.e. a culling of the White male.

So what do we do now?  What’s the answer?  Well, there are bio-identical hormones that are safe and effective in increasing testosterone.  And, it’s not too late for the babies who have not yet been conceived to be protected from Soy and vaccines.  Knowledge is power; fathers and mothers must learn about these Truths in order to save the human species.  It can be done.

Homeless people ‘drinking themselves to death’ with super-strength alcohol containing Manganese

The following article (see below), hits on a huge Truth, although it does not make the manganese connection. The truth is that the homeless we are seeing are drinking cheap liquor. Most likely malt liquor that contains high levels of manganese, and alcohol, which is altering their neurotransmitter, Dopamine. I have wondered for some time why the homeless, who are becoming predominately White, are so mentally impaired, and basically acting animalistic. These are people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

As we know, malt liquor is widely sold in minority neighborhoods, especially Black. But it is increasingly being sold in White middle class areas, where the homeless are infiltrating. Malt liquor is the major reason for the violence Blacks inflict upon one another; it’s manganese madness.

Dick Gregory was very outspoken about this.  If you do your research, you will come to understand that Mr. Gregory was correct.

As some of my readers may know, it is not only the malt liquor that contains high levels of manganese, but also ALL soy products, including baby formula (200 times greater manganese than breast milk).

Finally, we must spread the word in order to bring this crime out into the open, and maybe save a good number of people who have not already been mentally damaged by it (manganese).

Homeless people ‘drinking themselves to death’ with super-strength alcohol

Charity calls for higher tax on super-strength lagers and ciders that kill more homeless people than heroin or crack cocaine
Joe Milligan in his room at Thames Reach’s Graham House hostel
o Milligan is slumped across the bare mattress of his single bed, awake but clearly undisturbed by the deafening roar and fumes of four lanes of traffic through the open window of the tiny bedroom. On a low table are an ashtray, cigarettes and a half-drunk can of Skol Super (9% abv) lager; it is early afternoon and he is already on his third can of the day in addition to a large bottle of cider.

“I’m trying to cut down to just six cans a day from seven,” he slurs, barely able to see me because of the cataracts in both eyes, which will eventually lead to complete blindness if he does not have surgery. His last scheduled operation at nearby St Thomas’s hospital did not materialise because he breached the necessary NHS detox programme that was a pre-condition of the medical treatment.

So three weeks ago, Milligan returned here – Graham House Thames Reach hostel in Vauxhall – one of the largest homelessness hostels in London with rooms for 69 “residents” and – currently – seven dogs. Here, Thames Reach – one of the UK’s leading homelessness charities – tries to help Milligan and others like him by giving them a roof over their heads and access to professional help and medical care, which will – in some but not all cases – lead to detoxification and rehabilitation elsewhere.

In the last year, Swain says that at least 17 Thames Reach clients from a variety of projects, including supported housing, died from drinking super-strenth alcohol, although the deaths could arguably have been from other factors as well as excessive drinking. To help address the problem, Thames Reach is about to start research with homelessness charities across England to establish how many deaths are being caused by super-strength alcoholic drinks.

Another significant new trend is that people are dying younger, Swain adds. “We are losing people in their early 40s rather than at 65. But many of them look much older because of the ravages of super-strength alcohol.” Swain has witnessed the emergence of a new group of middle-aged people – the “young olds” – who have developed the health problems more commonly associated with people long past retirement age: poor mobility, memory loss and incontinence. Milligan, for example, looks as though he is in his early 60s but is only 38.

Graham House is a “wet” rather than a “dry” facility, which means that residents are able to drink alcohol here. Many spend most of their time confined to their rooms, which are locked to prevent other residents wandering in. The hostel’s senior practitioner, Sonja Sullivan, explains that the whiff in the corridor outside their rooms is because the residents have become doubly incontinent as a result of their drinking.

Many wander round the communal areas, all with cans in hand, some slumped against the walls in corridors. Their alcohol dependence is so serious that if they were told they could not drink here they would simply leave and head back to their old haunts on the streets. This a place of extremes, where most of the residents have come after becoming homeless as the result of catastrophic personal trauma – prison, offending, abuse and bereavement as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

Paul Cachia, alcohol case worker with the charity Foundation 66, runs tailored sessions at Graham House, warning the residents of the dangers of long-term drinking and helping those who make the crucial decision to accept professional help. “Nearly all my clients here are drinking 200 units of alcohol or more a week,” he explains. “When you compare that with a weekly limit of 14 for women and 21 for men, that means my clients are drinking 10 times over safe limits. You have to be realistic about what they can achieve. For many it is about harm minimisation or reduction, and this is where the problem with super-strength comes in.”

The cheap price is, of course, key to the attraction of the super-strength drinks. As a condition of its licence, the new Emerald supermarket opposite the hostel agreed not to stock alcohol stronger than 6.5% abv, and Swain believes that such community partnerships could be the way forward in encouraging retailers to take the offending super-strength liquors off the shelves. The charity is also backing a recent initiative in which retailers are voluntarily destocking their shelves – the first of its kind in the UK. Ideally, he would like a major supermarket to “take a stand” on the issue.

Accepting that a complete ban of super-strength alcohol may be unrealistic, Thames Reach is calling on the government to increase the tax on the most harmful products, perhaps offset by taxing weaker ones less. It also believes the drinks industry and wholesale companies need to regulate themselves more responsibly – and if they fail, should be regulated by others. Significantly, after a visit to the hostel two years ago, brewery giant Heineken halted the production of its super-strength ciders.

But another problem is when wholesale companies flood inner-city off licences with super-strength ciders such as White Ace. These come in three-litre bottles, containing a massive 22.5 units of alcohol for as little as £3.99, only 17p per unit and less than half of the government’s proposed minimum price of 40p per unit.

Of those persuaded to enter alcohol treatment or switch to weaker brews, some do get their lives back on track. There have been “fantastic” success stories at the hostel, according to Cachia. One female client in her early 40s had been haemorrhaging from the oesophagus in a “life and death situation”, he explained. “She was in intensive care when I assessed her and had only 20% of her liver function – another drink would have killed her,” he said. “She came back to this wet hostel and stayed sober for a year before moving on. I have just given her a reference and she has apparently been accepted to study for a law degree. In the year and a half that I have been here we have had about six people who have gone through treatment and have moved on. That is six lives that have been turned round.”

Organophosphates, Manganese, Copper Deficiency and Madness

By doing a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that organophosphate AND manganese with a lack of copper, are attacking the brains of humans by doing the following: rendering them unable to focus, having a lack of critical thought, lower intelligence, memory problems, focus problems, irrational anger and thoughts, ADHD, ADD, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease (neurological disorders on the rise).

Please don’t think about CJD or Mad Cow Disease (see below), instead think about how everyone who is eating soy (high in manganese, and which is in almost everything we eat), who lacks copper, and is exposed to organophosphates (pesticides), is at risk.  Note that this is happening in the womb as well because many pregnant women consume soy products containing manganese, that can break the blood/brain barrier.  Manganese settles in the Basal Ganglia (deep in the brain), adversely affecting the neurotransmitter, Dopamine; destroying the child before it is even born.  Also, mothers are feeding their infants soy formulas that contains as much as 200 times the amount of manganase found in breast milk.

I have sent a lot of information around about the dangers of soy; the most outspoken doctor is Dr. Mercola.

Not only are we at danger from eating soy products (which are full of manganese from the soil), we are at danger from organophosphates that are sprayed on our crops, and sprayed by Mosquito Abatement Districts for West Nile Virus, without the true understanding of the public, and most times not even having received notice to stay inside and close their windows in spring and summer when the spraying occurs.

Finally, I am hoping there are enough people reading this who will understand the seriousness of what is happening.  That is, that a biological weapon is being used against us.

Cover-up: Insecticide Causes Mad Cows, BSE, and CJD


All this is fully consistent with the Purdey hypothesis. These manganese-tipped prions could be the principal cause of the neurological degeneration seen in BSE. But manganese is only the bullet — organophosphate insecticide is the high-velocity gun. It fires manganese into the brain by depleting copper which the manganese then replaces.

Brown showed how prion protein bonds benignly with copper, but lethally with manganese. Even natural variations in relative environmental availability of manganese versus copper can trigger prion degradation. Chickens notoriously excrete most of the supplements fed to them — including manganese. And their manganese-rich excreta have been blended into cattle feed in the UK.

The pharmaceutical industry has key motives to deny the chemical source of BSE and CJD, because a spotlight on chemicals would expose the role the insecticides in Alzheimer’s — another neurodegenerative disease. That might lead to claims which would dwarf those from BSE and CJD litigants. In fact, two leading brain researchers into CJD and Alzheimers have died in suspicious circumstances in recent years.

His greater concern is that some lotions for scabies and head lice are now priming children and adults for CJD and Alzheimers in later life, and that manganese in unleaded petrol may prove as deadly as the lead it replaced.

Speaking from his rural English Somerset farm — as plans forge ahead for the European cattle cull, Purdey asks: “Why does CJD degeneration in humans begin in the retina, and why are CJD disease clusters found in high altitude locations?”

The question is rhetorical, and Purdey has an eye-opening answer. He argues that the prion molecule acts as a shock-adsorber of damaging energy from ultraviolet rays and other oxidizing agents.

Once this prion defence system is rendered ineffective by organophosphates, these oxidizing effects have an unmediated impact on tissues. Eventually, UV radiation damages the retina and oxidative stress destroys the brain tissues of CJD patients. This theory would expect to find higher CJD incidence in mountain regions — where UV radiation levels are elevated. That prediction holds true.

What Alzheimer’s Disease, Mad Cow Disease, and CJD have in common, is abnormal brain proteins and a putative link to organophosphates. Other neurodegenerative diseases and even Gulf War syndrome among returning veterans has been attributed, in part to the insecticide. But the sidelined scientists’ suspicions are still largely ignored.

If organophosphates are indeed the causal factor in BSE and nvCJD, the agrochemical giants such as Monsanto, Syngenta, and Aventis have more to fear than litigation. As the toxic effects and persistence of organochlorine pesticides became known, the agrochemical industry shifted to organophosphates, which represent the majority of insecticides and herbicides in use today. They are the underpinning of highly mechanized, pesticidal agriculture, which is used to grow more than 90% of U.S. produce. Most non-organic produce today has measurable residues of organophosphate pesticides. Evidence of danger of these widely-used chemicals is a serious threat to a cornerstone of U.S. agribusiness.

Manganese neurotoxicity: behavioral disorders associated with dysfunctions in the basal ganglia and neurochemical transmission.