Organophosphates, Manganese, Copper Deficiency and Madness

By doing a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that organophosphate AND manganese with a lack of copper, are attacking the brains of humans by doing the following: rendering them unable to focus, having a lack of critical thought, lower intelligence, memory problems, focus problems, irrational anger and thoughts, ADHD, ADD, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease (neurological disorders on the rise).

Please don’t think about CJD or Mad Cow Disease (see below), instead think about how everyone who is eating soy (high in manganese, and which is in almost everything we eat), who lacks copper, and is exposed to organophosphates (pesticides), is at risk.  Note that this is happening in the womb as well because many pregnant women consume soy products containing manganese, that can break the blood/brain barrier.  Manganese settles in the Basal Ganglia (deep in the brain), adversely affecting the neurotransmitter, Dopamine; destroying the child before it is even born.  Also, mothers are feeding their infants soy formulas that contains as much as 200 times the amount of manganase found in breast milk.

I have sent a lot of information around about the dangers of soy; the most outspoken doctor is Dr. Mercola.

Not only are we at danger from eating soy products (which are full of manganese from the soil), we are at danger from organophosphates that are sprayed on our crops, and sprayed by Mosquito Abatement Districts for West Nile Virus, without the true understanding of the public, and most times not even having received notice to stay inside and close their windows in spring and summer when the spraying occurs.

Finally, I am hoping there are enough people reading this who will understand the seriousness of what is happening.  That is, that a biological weapon is being used against us.

Cover-up: Insecticide Causes Mad Cows, BSE, and CJD


All this is fully consistent with the Purdey hypothesis. These manganese-tipped prions could be the principal cause of the neurological degeneration seen in BSE. But manganese is only the bullet — organophosphate insecticide is the high-velocity gun. It fires manganese into the brain by depleting copper which the manganese then replaces.

Brown showed how prion protein bonds benignly with copper, but lethally with manganese. Even natural variations in relative environmental availability of manganese versus copper can trigger prion degradation. Chickens notoriously excrete most of the supplements fed to them — including manganese. And their manganese-rich excreta have been blended into cattle feed in the UK.

The pharmaceutical industry has key motives to deny the chemical source of BSE and CJD, because a spotlight on chemicals would expose the role the insecticides in Alzheimer’s — another neurodegenerative disease. That might lead to claims which would dwarf those from BSE and CJD litigants. In fact, two leading brain researchers into CJD and Alzheimers have died in suspicious circumstances in recent years.

His greater concern is that some lotions for scabies and head lice are now priming children and adults for CJD and Alzheimers in later life, and that manganese in unleaded petrol may prove as deadly as the lead it replaced.

Speaking from his rural English Somerset farm — as plans forge ahead for the European cattle cull, Purdey asks: “Why does CJD degeneration in humans begin in the retina, and why are CJD disease clusters found in high altitude locations?”

The question is rhetorical, and Purdey has an eye-opening answer. He argues that the prion molecule acts as a shock-adsorber of damaging energy from ultraviolet rays and other oxidizing agents.

Once this prion defence system is rendered ineffective by organophosphates, these oxidizing effects have an unmediated impact on tissues. Eventually, UV radiation damages the retina and oxidative stress destroys the brain tissues of CJD patients. This theory would expect to find higher CJD incidence in mountain regions — where UV radiation levels are elevated. That prediction holds true.

What Alzheimer’s Disease, Mad Cow Disease, and CJD have in common, is abnormal brain proteins and a putative link to organophosphates. Other neurodegenerative diseases and even Gulf War syndrome among returning veterans has been attributed, in part to the insecticide. But the sidelined scientists’ suspicions are still largely ignored.

If organophosphates are indeed the causal factor in BSE and nvCJD, the agrochemical giants such as Monsanto, Syngenta, and Aventis have more to fear than litigation. As the toxic effects and persistence of organochlorine pesticides became known, the agrochemical industry shifted to organophosphates, which represent the majority of insecticides and herbicides in use today. They are the underpinning of highly mechanized, pesticidal agriculture, which is used to grow more than 90% of U.S. produce. Most non-organic produce today has measurable residues of organophosphate pesticides. Evidence of danger of these widely-used chemicals is a serious threat to a cornerstone of U.S. agribusiness.

Manganese neurotoxicity: behavioral disorders associated with dysfunctions in the basal ganglia and neurochemical transmission.


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