“California says this chemical causes cancer. So why is it being sprayed into drinking water?”

This blog post is about a cancer causing herbicide called Roundup, made by pharmaceutical giant Monsanto, that is the most popular herbicide on the market today.  The main ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate which was one of the deadly ingredients in Agent Orange used in Vietnam that has and is killing our own troops and veterans today, not to mention the Vietnamese population.  It must be noted that Agent Orange is still causing birth defects and death in Vietnam, that few people know about.

Last year Roundup was added to California’s official list of chemicals known to cause cancer.  The World Health Organization (WHO), has also listed it as a carcinogen, and there are also hundreds of lawsuits across the country by plaintiffs claiming  Roundup has caused them bodily harm.

Yesterday, The Sacramento Bee ran an article stating that “California has put 14,000 gallons of Roundup into the Sacramento River Delta since 2010″.  The purpose is reportedly to kill nonnative aquatic plants that are choking the Delta, and which according to NASA can be seen from space.  The state is blaming the plant for damaging the fish habitat.  Did you catch that?  The state of California is concerned about fish habitat (fish life), but at the same time is poisoning the state’s drinking water with an herbicide that is a known carcinogen!  WHAT THE HELL?!

Officials say the weed-killing program has been approved by a host of state and federal agencies, and that strict limits have been set on the use of Roundup and other herbicides in the West Coast’s largest estuary, which provides drinking water to 25 million Californians. A team of state scientists also monitors the treatment locations and water quality to ensure contamination levels don’t get too high or too close to drinking water intakes and Delta farmland.

“Everybody wants to make sure we’re taking care of the Delta and its natural resources and the drinking water as well,” said Gloria Sandoval, spokeswoman for the Division of Boating and Waterways.

But Roundup’s critics say it’s hypocritical for one state agency to say the herbicide is a likely cancer hazard while another sprays it into a place where drinking water is pulled.

“There is irony in one arm of the state acknowledging that the chemical is cancer causing while the other continues to use thousands of gallons of it in the hub of the state’s drinking water,” said Paul Towers, the Sacramento based organizing director and policy advocate for Pesticide Action Network North America. “At the very least, we need a deep assessment of whether or not the use of Roundup is the appropriate method for controlling or managing these invasive plants.”

I am including an article regarding Monsanto’s Roundup, as well as a Wikipedia article describing the California-San Joaquin River Delta.  This article includes maps, and is important to the understanding of where the water goes:

The Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, or California Delta, is an expansive inland river delta and estuary in Northern California. The Delta is formed at the western edge of the Central Valley by the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and lies just east of where the rivers enter Suisun Bay. The Delta is recognized for protection by the California Bays and Estuaries Policy.[1] The city of Stockton is located on the San Joaquin River on the eastern edge of the delta. The total area of the Delta, including both land and water, is about 1,100 square miles (2,800 km2).

So I have put this short, most important article together so that those who don’t know about the poisoning of California’s drinking water will hopefully take action by boycotting Roundup, sharing this post, and speaking out to their legislative representatives.

Ginny Linn


Say NO to vaccines.  The name of the game is genocide, make no mistake about it.  How many people do you know who have already died from, or are suffering from cancer?

There is now irrefutable proof that the American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, the WHO, and the CDC knowingly poisoned millions of people in America with the contaminated Polio Vaccine from the mid-1950s, all the way through the 1990s with a cancerous vaccine containing SV40!  How many trials were there BEFORE SV40?  Hmm.

If you were alive from the 1950s on, and you have received a Polio Vaccine, your health and life expectancy are in danger.

It’s interesting to know that The World Health Organization (WHO), is promoting ANOTHER Polio Vaccine

Both orally administered, live attenuated polio vaccines (OPV) and inactivated polio vaccines (IPV) for intramuscular (or subcutaneous) injection are widely used internationally.

Before travelling abroad, persons of all ages residing in polio-infected countries (i.e. those with active transmission of a wild or vaccine- derived poliovirus) and long term visitors to such countries (i.e. persons who spend more than 4 weeks in the country), should have completed a full course of vaccination against polio in compliance with the national schedule.

These are directed at those living in Third World countries (for sure Africa), and those traveling abroad.

Somehow, it seems that those with irrefutable proof of having received this vaccine could sue the Federal Government, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association for knowingly infecting them with a cancer virus for which there is NO antidote.

After numerous studies showing SV40 was cancer causing, weak regulations were put into place. Shockingly, the Division of Biologics Standards (DBS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) did not order a recall of any of the contaminated polio vaccines. They continued to distribute contaminated vaccines to an unsuspecting public until 1963. Finally, new federal regulations were put in place that required vaccines to be tested for SV40.

These new regulations required a waiting period of 14 days to see if the virus was growing before making the vaccine. However, it was later discovered that a slower growing form of the virus, which took 19 days to appear, could have been in the approved vaccines. Therefore, millions more people potentially received contaminated vaccine all the way through the 1990s because of these inadequate testing guidelines.

Cancer has risen exponentially since the 1960s, and by 2002 there were 61 reports from 49 different laboratories across the world suggesting an increased incidence of certain cancers caused by SV40. The British journal The Lancet revealed SV40 was responsible for over 25,000 cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma each year. By 2003, 60 more labs had been identified which demonstrated a connection to the SV40 virus and cancer.

Dr. Randy Tent, DC, ND, PhD, a highly renowned alternative doctor, reported at a health conference in 2013 that “one out of 200 people will have cancer directly caused by SV40.”

The CDC admits it infected 98 million Americans with a cancer virus in the Polio Vaccine in the 50s and 60s:

Polio Vaccine, SV40, and Cancer Today

There is a seriously high rate of soft tissue cancers in the Baby Boomer generation. All Baby Boomers received the polio vaccine when they were children. In addition, that virus is passed from mother to child, and on and on. What a great way to kill a lot of people just when they are planning on retiring.

What to do?  Learn how to cleanse your body, eat no GMO food, eat no SOY, eat ONLY organic, exercise, stay away from Big Pharma, stay away from doctors as much as possible unless they know what’s going on, choose homeopathic treatments, learn which vitamins and minerals (especially minerals), are seriously important to your health such as copper, boron, magnesium, Iodine, Vitamin C, etc., avoid pesticides and herbicides, go easy on iron, avoid stress, and hope for the best.

Please read the following links to find out more about SV40 and cancer: