Polio Vaccine, SV40, and Cancer Today

There is a seriously high rate of soft tissue cancers in the Baby Boomer generation. All Baby Boomers received the polio vaccine when they were children. In addition, that virus is passed from mother to child, and on and on. What a great way to kill a lot of people just when they are planning on retiring.

What to do?  Learn how to cleanse your body, eat no GMO food, eat no SOY, eat ONLY organic, exercise, stay away from Big Pharma, stay away from doctors as much as possible unless they know what’s going on, choose homeopathic treatments, learn which vitamins and minerals (especially minerals), are seriously important to your health such as copper, boron, magnesium, Iodine, Vitamin C, etc., avoid pesticides and herbicides, go easy on iron, avoid stress, and hope for the best.

Please read the following links to find out more about SV40 and cancer:

2 thoughts on “Polio Vaccine, SV40, and Cancer Today”

  1. Hi Ginny.

    I’m so glad I came across tour blog. I’m looking into this very case, primarily on behalf of the victims. I’m based in New Zealand, so not quite local! It is still extraordinary that despite the prolific nature of these crimes, and the utter fear and terror the perpetrator inflicted and imposed on so many, that so few even know about the case.

    I too can’t believe that this guy just happened to be arrested on the very same day as National DNA Day! It’s concerning. It is absolutely crucial that we can trust that the right person gets held accountable for these crimes. Until then, how can any of those who suffered at the hands of this monster ever be able to get any sense of closure?

    What an amazing personal story too – so close! I can’t imagine what it must have been like to go through that experience. It’s compelling to think what might have happened if your former brother in law had gone onto the roof!

    I do have a couple of questions if you wouldn’t mind. I’m currently looking closely at all the addresses and residents/victims, mainly for some sort of connection that may point to the offender. It’s difficult as many are not even listed. Would you happen to recall the exact address on Sand Bar Court that this attack occurred? I did se it – it was in the 1100 block I believe? And would it be too much to remember even just the surname of the family?

    Great blog, and I’d be grateful for any assistance. PS I did also Facebook friend you! You don’t have to accept, it was more just to make sure I got hold of you somehow!

    Thanks again & regards,



    1. Sean, check this out: http://www.coldcase-earons.com/21.php. Don’t know if you got my last reply, but thank you for your favorable comments about my blog. Will get you the address. The link will give you the victims’ names. Yes, it was a horrible experience that will never be forgotten. I friended you on FB.



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