Copper deficiency is more widespread than is made public.  In fact, copper deficiency is a world wide problem.

Rather than educating the public about the necessity of this essential mineral, it is demonized, and iron is promoted.  Consequently, most people think copper is dangerous to their health.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You may wonder why the truth about copper and the body is not being revealed.  Well, think of it this way, if there was an essential mineral that would prevent many of the ailments suffered today, what kind of an effect would that have on the American Medical Association, American Heart Association, and Big Pharma?  It would be devastating economically.

The fact of the matter is, Copper is necessary to circulate the blood which contains iron.  Without sufficient copper in the body, the iron settles in the organs and oxidizes (rusts), this includes the brain.

It would seem only reasonable to assume that most people are iron dominate, and copper deficient. Which may account for many of the diseases faced today, i.e. heart, gut, etc.

Iron accumulation is causing diseases, symptoms, and conditions in the iron overloaded population; a large percentage of the population.  However, there are those who are iron deficient which is a problem in and of its self; have your levels checked.  Copper neutralizes and mobilizes iron in the body; this is why all bio-available copper has been removed from the food and food chain.  You don’t find copper on any food or supplement label.   However, you find it on the pet food labels (Can you guess why?).

Iron destroys the immune system, because it is THE nutrient for all pathogens, viruses, bacteria, tumors, cancers, and any other toxic proteins.  Pathogens thrive and replicate in the presence of iron deposits, because the iron attracts oxygen, ensuring their survival.

Mutations manifest in humans from iron poisoning, and the same is said for food.  They have changed the composition of iron so that it is easily accessible for plant uptake, while degrading substances that are naturally bound to iron in some food plants.  Most iron in the soil is chemically bound, so they have changed the iron to make it available for plant uptake.  As such, it is bio-available when eaten by humans – pure poison.

They have made copper unavailable and iron bio-available.  They have reversed the role of copper and iron. Bio-available copper is THE nutrient and antioxidant that neutralizes and mobilizes iron in the body.

That is why they have made copper unavailable and iron available.  The idea is to load us up with iron while depleting copper status.

The cause of DNA damage is IRON poisoning and copper deficiency.

Genetic Modification IS genetic damage also referred to as genetic mutation.

So now it should be clear for you to understand.  They over complicate with their nonsense sciences, to confuse the general population, and to elevate themselves above everyone else.  Their sciences and research are fraudulent, and their degrees and credentials are fraudulent.

Genetically Modified (damaged) foods were created to increase the iron uptake and availability, while decreasing copper availability.  This is why you should eat only non-GMO, organically grown produce.

Copper The Inflammation Fighter

Copper Recipe

It should be noted that there is a zinc/copper ratio of 10:1.  They should not be taken together, but preferably one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.  It is highly recommended that 200 mcg of Selenium and silica be taken as well.

FDA dosing is questionable (low).  Note that the body pees out approximately 1.3 mgs/day.  However, too much copper like any other mineral can be a problem.  Personally we take 3 to 6 mgs of chelated copper/day (Bluebonnet), and we also store our drinking water in 100% copper cups/mugs, giving that to our pets as well.


A wonderful and inexpensive source of Silica is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  You can purchase it at a feed store or a good hardware store in the garden section.  It is excellent for the gut.

Start out with ½ tsp. per day for about a week, and then increase to 1 tsp., then in a week increase to 1 tbs.

Are you copper deficient?

Medical Disclaimer:  This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content herein is for general information purposes only.