“They” Want you Chipped

The “They” in the title are those who rule planet Earth, and “they” want us chipped.  Why?  To control us; to take away our free thought, to take away our freedom of movement, to take away our personal decisions as human beings; to take away our humanity.

Historically, they started with pets; they did that to “gradually” get us accustomed to the concept of micro chipping, by declaring that it will “keep our pets safe”; then they gradually introduced it in places like Disneyland, to “keep our children safe”.  As  you know, it’s always about our “safety”, which of course, it really isn’t.  It is in truth, a diabolical, authoritarian attempt to turn us in to unthinking machines.  Some call it “the mark of the beast”.

It’s being accomplished by what is known as “gradualism” or Fabien Socialism.  Gradualism is the same concept as boiling a live frog in a pot of water in which he is being gradually boiled to death, but doesn’t feel it.  It’s the same with humans, i.e. it’s done so slowly, we don’t even know what’s happening to us.  How could they do it otherwise without us knowing something wicked this way comes?

Now they have come up with the “Smartwatch”, which allows it’s wearers to tap into their bank accounts.  There is also the more expensive Apple Pay Watch that allows higher end store clerks at stores like Whole Foods to swipe your watch to pay for your purchases.

These devices will eventually make debit cards obsolete, and they are the precursor to the human chip; you know, “gradualism”.

What prompted me to write about this issue was a recent visit to my dermatologist.   I was sitting in the waiting area with four other people.  They were all of Baby Boomer age; three women, and one man.  All overweight, I might add.  There was a discussion going on about how their plastic Medicare cards were being recalled and new paper cards issued.  Not all had received their new cards.

One of these women mentioned that soon they would not need a card as everyone was going to be chipped.  The other two women chimed in stating that they knew that, and that some companies were requiring their employees to be chipped.  I chimed in, and said that it was not a good idea, as in time if you did something wrong your chip could be turned off.  They seem unfazed by that.  The man, however, looked up from his cell phone, and nodded in agreement.  I then asked if they had read or seen George Orwell’s “1984”; the man again indicated yes.

So to come to my point of all this, and to conclude, what I found the most frightening of all regarding this conversation about chipping was the fact that they all would willingly go along with it, and they were all old enough to know better.

So the deed has been done.  Even the older population, for the most part, has accept this.  Why?  I think mostly because of convenience or better put laziness.  They won’t even have to go to the trouble of pulling a card from their wallets.  It’s a dumbed down, lazy population that is going to the chopping block, or should we call it the chipping block.