America is a Psychopathic Magician’s Illusion

America and the world are a psychopathic magician’s illusion; there is no freedom, no money, nothing tangible; you don’t even own the land your house sits on, or your car.   Truth be known, however, the only real power these self-appointed bloodline overlords have on us is through our acquiescence, our fear, our inability to critically think, and our cowardice.

Everyone is distracted by those things these overlords create, and want us focused on, i.e. chemtrails, vaccines, pedophilia, guns, economic collapse, fake terrorists attacks, wars, etc.  Never are we supposed to focus on the real meat and potatoes of the situation we are in, which happens to be a one world government controlled by the ancient, Luciferian Vatican, set upon worldwide destruction in the form of death.  Death to people, animals, trees, culture; a total culling of organic life on Earth.

The manufactured world (Matrix), we live in is broken up into a trinity (three corporations), i.e. Washington DC (military); City of London (banking); Vatican (religion).  Everyone  elected to a political position knows this (even dear Ron Paul and Donald Trump).  The political world they represent doesn’t really exist; it’s an allusion, a script written thousands of years ago called the Bible (UN Agenda 21).  There are no real elections, just selections.  There are no real political scandals, just made up theater to titillate the public; especially sex scandals.  But the dumbed down public laps it up every time because they have short memories, and can’t critically think.

The politicians promote the deception so that they can continue to reap the benefits in the form of prestige, big houses, fancy cars, huge retirements, good medical care as they kiss up to their masters.  They are nothing more than paid puppets.  They think they will sit at the top of the pyramid some day, but they will be slaughtered like everyone else, because they are traitors and cannot be trusted.  Some of them, however, are actual royal bloodline members such as all the selected presidents throughout the history of America (including royal bloodline member, George Washington).

The world is their playground, as they run amuck through the killing fields, bombing, burning, slaughtering everything in sight, taking the world back to the Dark Ages as depicted in The Hunger Games.  Slowly, ever so slowly do they devour life; so slowly few will really see it until it’s too late.

I don’t know how to wake people up, other than to write about what I have learned.  Those who read this may already know the truth.  I hope to reach those who have a curiosity and desire to learn the truth of things, and to share that knowledge with others.  That is my hope, that is my purpose in life.

 The world is completely taken over. The shadow of America is the corporation 10 miles square called the United States corporation. And the 50 individual states that we romantically call “America” have fallen prey to their own so-called central government, where the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are indeed the verifiable written law. The shadow of forced unionization has destroyed an unwitting people that have no idea they are proclaimed as enemies of their own central foreign state, that their shadow military occupies each of the 50 states under Leiber Code statutes, and most importantly that their currency is and always has been nothing but debt obligation and enslavement – the land of the free subjects; a cruel joke played out through an un-winnable game of monopoly at gunpoint.





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